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Setting the Benchmark

We set the Benchmark by our dedication to our five core values. These values extend beyond mere talking points; they are our way of life.



In the mortgage business, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of each individual loan. With Benchmark, it is never only about the transaction. We keep the focus on our local community and the relationship with our client. Building and maintaining relationships always comes first. All other things are secondary. The individuals that make up the Benchmark family were thoughtfully and strategically selected to make a difference in their communities.


Positive Attitude

Attitudes are contagious. We want ours to be the difference between a good experience and an excellent experience for our clients.
The Benchmark culture thrives because of the great attitude each team member holds. In a world with so many unknowns, we have each made the conscious decision to conduct ourselves with a positive attitude at all times, in all areas of our lives.



In an industry that is so rapidly changing, Benchmark thrives because of our adaptability, creativity, innovation, marketability, and courage. It’s not enough to keep up. Instead, our strategy is to always stay ahead by constantly asking ourselves ‘how can we take this a step further’? Our dynamic approach has driven our success from the beginning.



Benchmark has a record of standing out since 1999, because of our dedication to going the extra mile. It has never been enough to simply ‘do things well.’ We strive to do all things exceptionally well. When there’s a need, Benchmark seeks the best way to fill it.

In 2012, Chief Visionary Officer and Cofounder of Benchmark Mortgage, Stewart Hunter saw a pressing need to care for our veterans. For 6 years, as of writing, Benchmark has sponsored Boot’n & Shoot’n, a fundraiser that benefits veterans and their families by providing scholarships to the Brain Treatment Foundation and Third Option. All Benchmark branches come together annually to raise money for the men and women who have served our country. Boot’n & Shoot’n is our way of giving back and making sure that we stay focused on what really matters: people taking care of people.



Success is how we ensure that we are headed in the right direction. It is achieved when the Benchmark passion aligns with each of our core values. Thinking past the ‘now’ is our strength. We are constantly evaluating our success based on current performance and how we can excel in the future.

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